WHAT IS smartDOG ltd.?

SmartDOG ltd. is a company which offers science based canine cognitive tests suitable for every dog. Tests are done with scientific standards, which allows also collection of data for research. As a customer you get a detailed report of your dog’ s memory, problem solving, impulse control, activity and ability to read human gestures. Test package also includes an access to continuously updating database, which allows the owner to compare his/her dog against other dogs.


The standardized tests include problem solving ability and strategy, impulse control and activity (using FitBark), ability to read human gestures and memory and logical reasoning. Tests are fun for the dog, and the only criteria for the dog is the ability to eat treats during the test, and age older than 6 months. Testing time varies from 15min to 1.5 hours depending on the test package. All tests include an access to continuously updating web portal, where you can compare your dog’s test result against others.

  • smartDOG MEMORY – Memory and logical reasoning, 30-40 min, 68 €
  • smartDOG GESTURES – Understanding human gestures, 35-45 min, 82 €
  • smartDOG PROBLEM – Problem solving and impulse control, 15-20 min, 62€
  • smartDOG COGNITION – includes MEMORY, GESTURES and PROBLEM, 1.5 hours, 198€

In all prices tax (24 %) is included.


SmartDOG situates near Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Vantaa, Finland, but POP-UP tests can be arranged everywhere, also outside Finland. Testing does not need large space. If you are interested either coming to Finland for testing, or ordering smartDOG into your country, please don’t hesitate to contact katriina@smartdog.fi


Founder and owner of smartDOG is Katriina Tiira, PhD, animal behavioural ecologist who has almost 20-year experience in studying animal behavior. Last seven years Katriina has studied dog behavior at the Helsinki University, and has published over 20 scientific articles on animal behavior. She has also experience from dog training and competing in working dog trials (search, tracking, hunting) and in obedience. Katriina is official judge for Finnish Assistance Dogs and for Canine Assisted Therapy and Education dogs in Finland (both mental test and work certificate tests). Contact katriina@smartdog.fi, +358 44 9729185

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